This is Me

The story of my life is not just my story but God's story and I'm excited for it to be used to bring Him Glory.




You know every ache and pain I feel in my body.

You know that at times all I want to do is cry, because no matter what position I get into the pain is still there like a wild fire that wont burn out.

You know that sometimes the pain is so great that the idea of leaving my bed and having to be mentally and emotionally present for other people is just plain depressing.

You know Lord that I’m broken, hurting, and overwhelmed more days than not.

Some days I selfishly want to think that Im alone. That no one else has to go through physical pain and have to struggle every day to find you through the fog of pain.

But the glorious truth is that You do know.

You know better than anyone on this earth what its like to go through agonizing pain.

You were tortured, pinned on a cross and mocked.

You became broken so that one day I could become whole.

You suffered horriable pain so that I would not be alone.

You came and took on my heavy loads with open arms so I could be free.

You came so I could have a beautiful relationship with our Father.

Thank you Jesus for suffering to save me. For taking hold of my heart and transforming me into a new creation.

Thank you for giving me hope. For identifying with my suffering.

Thank you for changing my heart to worship you in the pain. For giving me peace.

Thank you for allowing me to be apart of your story.

I pray Lord that you would guide my heart, my thoughts, my actions, and my words to bring you glory.

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Filled my doors with song lyrics. to much time on my hands.

Your handwriting

Kinda love this!


Pretty blessed to have Audrey O’Neil in my life, we have fun together, talk about all subjects you could think of, share everything, and her love for me isnt based on the worlds standard of friendship but Jesus standard. She loves me when I’m running around crazy doing stuff and loves me when i sin by telling me lovingly to slow down and calls me out of my own world back to Jesus.
She’s not by any means perfect, but God has and is building our friendship and continuing to show us why His plan is better then ours.
Thank you Jesus for friendship and for giving me multiple close friends and showing me why you have each one in my life.


3am Worship

I want to run, sing, dance, cry all to the Glory of God. My heart is full and content in Him. Oh how my heart is captured and eternally dazed and awestricken by Him.

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I have a father who is filled with grace, is faithful, and sovereign

Man God is sovereign. Today has been filled with high intensity. God gave me strength and had my heart in a perfect place to serve those whole heartedly that needed it. Then hit a wall at the end of CG thought there was no way I could handle anything else then God called me to be present and speak truth to someone I love very much, and he faithfully filled me with strength and truth. I love that God is what’s important and is who is utterly amazing and I’m completely inadequate. And it’s beautiful that I get to be apart of Gods plan and story that he allows me to play apart at all in anything.
Thank you God for sending your son to die on the cross for me, that I get to experience grace, that I get to show others grace because of you. Thank you for seeing me as clean, for giving me hope and for being so intimately apart of me. And I get to share it with your other children.


August 12th 2011

Yesterday I went over to my parents house after I got off of work, and I unlocked the door and walked into my parents house, I turned and all of the sudden my little siblings and my mom jumped out saying “Happy Adoption Day!”

After recovering from my shock (I’m pretty jumpy and get scared easily), I couldnt help but smile and feel like crying. My family remembered! And yes it seems something so simple and yet improtant that of course they would remember! But there are still times where I know in my head that yes they will remember and want to celebrate it, but I still get surprised and emotional.

We celebrated it a day late due to the fact that I wasnt able to see them at all (and it really didnt matter to me that it was a date late. We celelbrated it which was beautiful either way, whether it was on the day or not, that didnt change it).

And it was great! My mom got me cheesecake (which is my fav). they had put up a banner that said “Happy Adopt Day!” And my siblings make me cards and I got an awesome gift.

When I think about it, it really doesnt seem like its only been a year. Part of that is because I was adopted into the Moore family before we actually went to court to make it legal. August 12, 2011 is the day we stood before the judge asking for me to be adopted.

But even with all of that it seems so much longer, and maybe its because there has been so much heart change in me, my parents and in my siblings. And that for all the change that has happened it seems as if it should have taken at least 8 years when in reality it only took around 2.5 years.

The more I think about these last couple years the more I get emotional, and where God has placed me now. A couple years ago my future looked very different. It looked like I would have to find a new place to live, or continue living in an unhealthy, abusive environment, I had no real direction on what I wanted to do. I wanted to leave Washington as fast as I possibly could. I knew I wanted to get married and have kids some day but the idea of dating with the mother I had terrified me. And alot of my future seemed so crazy, scary, and full of so many unknowns. I was starting to learn what Grace meant, but I didnt fully understand what a Dad looked like besides what I read in the bible.

Then due to certain circumstances God took me away from that place to a place where I had parents who loved me and there was no conditions, or rule to have their love. They loved God and when they were worried they brought out the bible and talked about why they were worried and that it wasnt because they wanted something but God did. I was use to hours of arguing and never been listened to. I got the siblings I always dreamed about, parents who really love me, and understand on a whole new level on who God is, and how He is a perfect Father, and how I can go to Him and talk to Him as my father.

Im continually reminded on how Gods plan is perfect, and you can never really guess at what He has planned for you. But when He does show you what He has planned, its pretty breath taking.

Im so thankful and excited to say that Im adopted, that I have an unperfect family, but its still pretty great:)